.Line up:

Nicola Rossi – Voice/Synth
Marco Montagna – Guitars
Giuseppe Nantini – Guitars
Andrea Caminiti – Bass
Daniele Amatori – Drums

.Country: Italy

Delivering Doom Metal for the masses since 2004: with 4 full lengths, a bunch of 7” and splits 12”, Doomraiser make their way through the Italian and European scene and proudly raise the Italian Doom Metal flag, playing their Heavy Drunken Doom through all Europe in tours and festivals. They are well known for their high output wall of sound, which keeps the audience enchanted & headbanging.
Through years and albums they’ve been experimenting and contaminating their music with raw heavy metal, psychedelia, some technical deviances.
For inspirations: Pentagram, Venom, Cathedral, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Danzig, Witchfinder General, Obsessed,My Dying Bride.




"THE DARK SIDE OF OLD EUROPA" Time To Kill Records - 2020 BUY NOW!

"LORDS OF MERCY (10th Year Anniversary)" + "HEAVY DRUNKEN DOOM" BloodRock Records – 2016

"REVERSE (Passaggio Inverso)" BloodRock Records – 2015

"MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS" BloodRock Records – 2011

"GUARDIAN OF THE GREAT EYE" Split w/Erthride - BloodRock Records – 2010

"ERASING THE REMEMBRANCE" BloodRock Records – 2009

"ANNO DOMINI DDVIII" Self-Released – 2008

"BEHIND THE SAME CROSS" Split w/Midryasi - Iron Tyrant – 2008

"LORDS OF MERCY" BloodRock Records – 2007

"THE OLD MAN TO THE CHILD" Obscura Release/Ghost Records – 2006

"HEAVY DRUNKEN DOOM" Self-Released – 2004