Time To Kill Records is the most chaotic extreme record label in Italy. Just heavy metal, noise, industrial, grindcore, death metal, doom, brutal death metal, black metal, hardcore, stoner and experimental, hard rock, glam rock, street rock. 

Time To Kill Records is a pure, old school, metal DIY record label and management. Our store even proudly offer you, a bunch of crazy and weird stuff, rarities and limited editions are always available. Don’t miss it at all.

Active since 2016, TTK Records has put out bands with the most brutal new extreme style in the Italian scene. Take a look at the bands on our cover for an idea and remember that TTK Rec. pioneered forms of music and covered artists that no-one else would touch and we’re probably the first and the last record label, making that choice! If you’re a real metal or hardcore artist, you have to be promoted and sign with us! No miracles here, just the right attitude and the perfect mindset! 

Label Services: Licensing, Promotion, Publishing, Distribution, Merchandising.

It’s time to play, it’s time to kick, it’s Time To Kill … Records!!!