Infection Code

Infection Code

Country: Italy
Style: Death/Thrash Metal


Andrea: Bass
Chris: Guitars
Gabriele: vocals
Ricky: Drums & Percussions & Elettronics


Spawned in 1999, INFECTION CODE began to weave its own breed of metal based out of Alessandria, northern Italy. The band initially grabbed elements from many industrial and metal bands like Godflesh, Neurosis, Red Harvest, Napalm Death and Melvins, yet their actual musical output never shared a similar sound to the aforementioned artists.

In recent years the band's sound has started incorporating a rawer and more direct approach, paying tribute to the roots and showing more evident thrash and death metal influences, without however removing the industrial imprint.

Over the past twenty years, the band has toured multiple regions throughout Italy and Europe and kept busy recording. To date, INFECTION CODE have released 8 full-length albums which dragged them out from the depths of the underground and into the forefront of the Italian metal scene.


H.I.V. 999 EP - 2000 (Self-produced) Mcd

Life Continuity Point - 2002 (2kk Records) CD

Sterile - 2004 (NewLm Production - Crotalo) CD

Intimacy-2007 (Beyond Prod/Masterpiece Distribution) CD

Intimacy - 2007 (KNVBIRecords) LP

Fine -2010 ( NewLm/Masterpiece distribution) CD

Subsound Series vol 1-2013 (Subsound/Goodfellas) LP

La dittatura del rumore -2014 (Argonauta records- Goodfellas) CD

00-15: l’avanguardia industriale -2015 (Argonauta records- Goodfellas) CD

Dissenso -2018 (Argonauta records- Goodfellas) CD

In.R.I. – 2019 (Argonauta Records- Goodfellas) CD

Alea Iacta Est – 2022 (Argonauta Records -Goodfellas) CD

Sulphur – 2023 (Time to Kill Records) CD

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