Country: Italy
Style: Crossover


Lou – vocals
Nik – drums
Bob – bass
Trampax - guitar


METHEDRINE originally took shape in 2017 when Upset Noise (pioneers of Italian crossover/d-beat in the 80s) disbanded after a brief reunion.
Bone (drums), Lucio (vocals) and Mark (guitar) started looking for new members for a new band. Dario (guitar) and Bob (bass) answered the call and the band started mixing influences ranging from Motorhead to early thrash and hardcore, looking for new musical landscapes.}
A taste of the material was released on the EP “Built For Speed” in March 2018. After a couple of years spent spreading their message on stages (in Italy, Belgium and Croatia), tensions built up within the band, until Bone and Mark decided to leave the project. The remaining members wasted no time and their search for a new drummer ended when Nik answered the call.
The brand new METHEDRINE 2.0 are now further exploring the d-beat/crossover legacy, expanding their sonic perspectives with more varied and darker influences.



No Solution, No Salvation – 2024 (Time to Kill Records) CD

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