Country: Italy
Genre Death/Thrash Metal

Line up:
Flegias – Voice
Peso – Drums
Pier – Guitar
GL – Bass

Necrodeath was formed in Genova on February 5, 1984,under the name Ghostrider by drummer Peso and guitarist Claudio. The two decided to start their own band following the Italian leg of the Venom tour that Peso and Claudio attended.From their first appearances, the members made themselves known under the pseudonyms Ingo Veleno (vocals), Mark Peso (drums), Fuckin’ Clod (guitar) and Peter Volcano (bass). With this lineup they recorded the demo Mayhemic Destruction. In 1985 the name of the band was officially changed to Necrodeath and with it their relative names changed from Ingo Veleno to Ingo, from Mark Peso to Peso, from Fuckin’ Clod to Claudio and Paolo, who replaced Peter Volcano.

Thus was recorded, in the same year, the demo The Shining Pentagram. After about eight years of inactivity, Necrodeath reformed in 1998 with a new lineup, and founding members Peso and Claudio hired Flegias of Opera IX on vocals and John on bass. The post-reunion record was Mater of All Evil, released in 1999. With the same lineup, the group recorded Black as Pitch (2001) and Ton(e)s of Hate (2003) in the following years. 100% Hell (2006) was instead composed with guitarist Andy, hired by “Andrasta,” replacing Claudio, who left the group for family reasons. The record also features Cronos of Venom as a special guest, who was introduced to the band through journalist Luca Bosio, a friend of the group from Peso. in October 2007 the group released a new album, entitled Draculea, a concept album dedicated to Count Vlad Ţepeş.

The album features Pier Gonella, a member of Labyrinth and Mastercastle, as guitarist, replacing Andy. The latest, recent news was proclaimed by Necrodeath themselves on July 18, 2008 immediately after their concert at Metal on Earth: John, after a good 10 years with the band, decided to leave the band, while Pier became a permanent member after his participation in Draculea. In September 2008 he joined the lineup as bassist GL member of Enough to Kill and Rage Against You. In May 2009 Necrodeath released “Phylogenesis”, a concept album about human genesis, on the Scarlet Records label. On February 5, 2010, Necrodeath celebrated 25 years in the business by releasing an album of covers, titled “Old Skull”.

In 2011 The Age of Fear a collection album of the long Necrodeath career was released by Scarlet Records. Also in 2011 and again under Scarlet a new unreleased Necrodeath album is released, called Idiosyncrasy, a concept album consisting of a single 40-minute track with a cover inspired by Quentin Tarantino movie posters. In 2013 they released their first live DVD, Hellive recorded at concerts in 2012 in Scordia and Milan, while in 2014 they released their tenth album on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of their career, The 7 Deadly Sins, a concept album dedicated to the seven deadly sins.

In September 2015 the band released a new single entitled “Headhunting.” Produced by the label “Terror from hell” records, it features guests “Mantas,” founding guitarist of Venom, and “Tony Dolan,” better known as “Demolition Man.”

In 2018 it is the turn of “The Age of Dead Christ,” an album that marks a return to an old school sound, supported by a long tour, initially planned specifically over 33 dates. Instead, 2019 sees the band busy with the “remake” (some tracks were already present in previous albums by the band, which has always loved “autocovers”) of the second album, namely “Defragments of Insanity.”

In April 2020 the EP “Neraka” (Inferno, in Indonesian”) was released, which unfortunately could not be supported by satisfactory live activity, due to pandemic. However, they manage to take advantage of this inauspicious period by devoting themselves to recounting their exploits to writer Massimo Villa, who publishes a biography of them in November 2021 for Arcana Editions, titled “Necrodeath – The Shining Book,” which was positively received by both the public and critics.



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Neraka – 2020
Defragments of Insanity – 2019
The Age of Dead Christ – 2018
Cult of Necrodeath (Tribute CD from Various Artists) – 2017
Mondoscuro (Split EP with Cadaveria) – 2016
Headhunting (7″ Vinyl EP Limited 500 copies) – 2015
The 7 deadly sins – 2014
Wrath (7″ Vinyl Single limited edition) – 2014
Hellive (DVD) – 2013
Idiosyncrasy – 2011
The Age of Fear (Anthology) – 2011
Old Skull – 2010
Phylogenesis – 2009
Draculea – 2007
100% Hell – 2006
20 Years Of Noise (Anthology) – 2005
Ton(e)s Of Hate – 2003
Black As Pitch – 2001
From Hate To Scorn (Home Video) – 2001
Mater Of All Evil – 1999
Mondocane: Project One (Necrodeath & Schizo split album) – 1990
Fragments Of Insanity – 1989
Into The Macabre – 1987
The Shining Pentagram (Demo) – 1985
Ghostrider “Mayhemic Destruction” (Demo) – 1984

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