Country: Italy
Genre: Post Metal/Sludge
Line up:
Fabrizio Aromolo – vocals, synths
Daniele Antolini – bass
Fabio Listrani – guitars
Brunomaria Cosenza – guitars
Leopoldo Russo Ceccotti – drums

Born in 2012, OTUS take the elements of Ambient\Post metal bands as Isis and Cult of Luna, passing through the Black Sabbath’s doom up to the experimental music of Tool, Om and Sunn O))). The band enriches its sound playing ethnic instruments, building its own synthesizers, chanting mantras and taking particular care of its visual and symbolic identity, from show posters to onstage visual projections. The result of this research moves the band’s approach on mainly long and complex compositions, that evolve smoothly between aggressive and relaxed moments, atmospheric and violent resolutions —all in the service of the concept among occult and science that OTUS offer through its lyrics and visual art. This musical project was inspired in fact, also by the desire to deal with concepts related mainly to Eastern philosophies, which intersect with the more recent discoveries of modern physics; authors such as Fritjof Capra and Jiddu Krishnamurti are important sources of inspiration. After its first demo-ep released in 2013, OTUS took part in several gigs in Rome, playing with great bands as Intronaut, And So I Watch You From A Far, Toner Low, Scale The Summit, Shores Of Null, getting positive audience feedbacks and good reviews by musical webzines as Metalitalia and 100Decibel.
In March 2016 they released their first full-lenght album 7.83Hz, a self-produced limited edition digipack on black CD. In December 2016 OTUS signs with Argonauta Records and in March 2017 their first album 7.83Hz is released, obtaining excellent results on any magazines/webmagazines of the sector with an average of 8/9 in each review. 7.83Hz was also mentioned as HOT ALBUM in March 2017 by the relevant italian webmagazine Metalitalia.com.
In 2021 the drummer Leopoldo Russo Ceccotti (ShockProof) takes the place of Andrea Adesso.


Demo Independent - 2014
7.83HzIndependent - 2016
Torch - 2022  

Otus online: