.Line up:
Gloria Piccinin – Voice
Stefano Galioto – Bass
Marco Marinato – Guitar
Matteo Ciciliot  – Drum

.Country: Italy

The rock alternative band Overlaps starts its debut in 2017 with the release of 3 singles “Countdown”, “Dreams For Sale” and “On Monday”, produced thanks to the fervent collaboration with Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, Stick Men, Donots, H -Blockx, The Intersphere …), showing the enormous potential of the band in mixing atmospheres of the most classic rock with modern influences and represent the first step towards the realization of the eponymous debut album, published in 2018.
2017 already sees the band on the stage of the Bloodstock Festival in Manchester (UK) and in the same year, Overlaps perform at the Treviso Home Festival.
In the autumn of 2018 Overlpas go on stage through Europe for a long tour of 26 dates, as support to the Finnish band The Rasmus.
After the second European tour during spring 2019, the band is ready to announce the release of the second album via Time To Kill Records.



“Overlaps” 2018
“In your room ” 2020 BUY NOW!
"White Line" 2022
"Mind Over Matter" 2022
"Love Coma" 2022
"Hung Up" 2023