Country: Italy
Death Metal

Line up:
Daniele – Vocals
Cristian – Guitars
Kevin – Bass
Aleksandar – Drums

Sepolcral born in 1993 in a little fraction of Latisana, in the lower Friuli area of north Italy. Kevin and Cristian, respectively bassist and guitarist of the band, with Gianmarco on drums and the early deceased Denis, recorded their first demo in 1994: Witness Of Lies.
 Their death metal sound influenced by '90s American metal scene, worth the first contract for the debut album in 1996. Unfortunately, the album was never released due to the bankruptcy of Nosferatu Rercords, happened after the test press of the CDs. The debut album Victims was released only in 2017, by the band, on Bandcamp platform. This bad experience led to the breakup of the band.
 Reformed in 2012 with a new line up, Sepolcral gave birth to the mini-cd Reborn VI with SG Records in 2015. Their desire to take back the project as tribute to the loss of Denis, the original vocalist, led the band to a whirlwind of line up changes and to the genesis of today's death metal sound influenced by grind and hardcore. In 2018 they released the single and the music video Broken Armor.
 Things started to work out and, finally, with a stable line up made by the founders Kevin and Cristian, Daniele on vocals (guitarist and founder of the death metal band Chronic Hate and in Sepolcral since 2012) and Aleksandar on drums. During the following years they composed and recorded Scourge, a new album of 10 rough and direct tracks played in death-grind style.
Nowadays Sepolcral, strengthened by the new contract with Time To Kill Records, are ready for the imminent live gigs that always distinguished the band for their great impact and performance.

Witness Of Lies (demo mc) - 1994
Victims - 1996
Promo ’90 (demo) - 1998
Reborn6 - 2015
Victims - 2017
Broken Armour - 2018
Scourge - 2023

Sepolcral online: