City: Istanbul, Turkey
Hardcore Punk/Death Metal

Line up:
Can Temiz: Bass, Vocals, Noise
Ozan Çam: Guitars, Vocals, Noise
Ersin Çağlayan: Guitars, Vocals
Aberrant Engin: Drums

The foundations of EXNUN were laid by bassist and vocalist Can Temiz in 2018 as a project that blends many different genres of metal on the axis of hardcore punk and death metal. In 2019, their first album “Decomposition Of An Infant Soul” was released.
Album drow a lot of attention in the Turkish local scene and had been critically acclaimed by the Turkish reviewers.
One of the songs from that album called “Rape of God” has choosen by the Canadian YouTube channel Banger TV viewers to be the theme song for Banger TV show “Overkill Global” by a landslide. The band took its final form with the participation of Ozan Çam (Kozmik Yıkım) on guitars and vocals in 2019, Ersin Çağlayan (Radical Noise) on guitars and vocals in 2020, and Aberrant Engin (Burial Invocation,Diabolizer) on drums in 2021.

Decomposition Of An Infant Soul (2019)

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