Are you intersted to submit your stuff? Before sending us an email, please read this page.

Q: I play in a band and would like to ask if Time To Kill Records would be interested in signing us.

A: If you believe that your band is ready to make sacrifices, make his and present themselves in a professional way and with all the right "keys": logo, bio, photos, social media and so on, submit your "art".
Given the large number of emails, we apologize but we only reply if we are interested.

Here's a little checklist; your email should contain at least the following "things":

  • We only accept demo submissions in English language;
  • A full contact address (name, address, phone and e-mail);
  • A link to your Website and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp or Soundcloud);
  • A link to your latest unreleased demo recordings (private listening / stream link, Soundcloud, YouTube unlisted, etc). Don't attach MP3 or other files. Any emails with attachments will be deleted.
  • A biography of the band. Please also include any press quotes or links to features / reviews etc.
  • Everything that is worth knowing about your product and your band (did you record in a special studio, did you work with a great producer, do you have a touring history and so on).

Text and links only please, no attachments.
Send your stuff to: