Kaahausfest Furyfest 2024

By Time To Kill Records

Join us in the heart of Finland for the ultimate metal festival of the year! This November 16, prepare to be blown away by a lineup of legendary metal bands and rising stars.

First bands announced are the virtuous death metal outfit Cryptic Hatred from Helsinki, black metallers Qwälen from Oulu, hardcore metallers SARS from Turku, hardcore math masters Rats Will Feast from Jyvskylä and grinding death band Refusal from Helsinki. More artists will be announced during upcoming months.

Furyfest is arranged in 2 venues in Helsinki, Tiivistämö and Oranssi. Oranssi is strictly alcohol and drug-free venue for all ages. Tiivistämö is also all ages venue during fulyfest, but there is a bar with alcoholic beverages and age restricted area in the concert room, where drinks are allowed.

Limited amount of Early Bird tickets for Furyfest 2024 are available now with 25€ + 1,75€ Diyticket service fee. There will be an additional 3€ charge for garderobe service at Tiivistämö.

Date: November 16th, 2024
Location: Tiivistämö + Oranssi | Helsinki (Finland)
Tickets & Info: https://bit.ly/Kaahausfesti-Furyfest-2024

Don't miss out on the most brutal festival of the year! See you in the pit! 🤘🖤

Death metal

Cryptic Hatred

CRYPTIC HATRED emerged from the depths of the Finnish underground death metal scene in 2020.

Inarguably the band’s most diverse work to date,“Internal Torment” ventures far beyond the conventions of old school death metal, without surrendering an ounce of viciousness. Strong nuances of doom and creepy melodies can be heard throughout the record’s ten tracks concluding fittingly with a suffocating wall of sound that leaves its listeners bruised, battered, and shaken.

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Black metal


Punk background bleeds into the music connecting Qwälen’s interpretation of black metal into how the genre started decades ago. Simplicity, rawness, speed and honesty. These values were present in the beginning and the same values still hold true. Punk background especially shows live as the chaotic energy of hardcore punk clashes with the ritualistic nature of black metal.

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Originating from the vibrant music scene of Turku, Finland, SARS emerged in 2016 as a collective vision to forge a sound rooted in "Hatebreed inspired metallic hardcore”.

SARS stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of collaboration and evolution within the music scene, carving their path with a blend of metallic hardcore and unapologetic intensity. As they forge ahead, the band remains poised to leave an indelible mark on the global heavy music landscape.

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Experimental Hardcore/Metalcore

Rats Will Feast

RATS WILL FEAST draws their musical landscape from extreme aggression and hallucinatory chaos. Hailing from Jyväskylä, Finland, the band has been touring actively in its current form since 2018. Varying between crushing hardcore, noisy psychedelia and more mellow post-rock sounds on their 2019 album "Scarcity", 2020 EP "Songs of a Racehorse" and 2021's "Malady", the band’s new album "Hellhole"continues the development of the bands destructive chaotic hardcore sound.

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