.Line up:
Amedeo Finati - Vocals
Amedeo Casale - Lead Guitar
Edoardo Volpato - Bass
Fabio Speroni - Drums

.Country: Italy


Geschlecht is an Italian Psycho/Death metal/Industrial band formed by Amedeo Finati (Vocals), Amedeo Casale (Lead Guitar), Edoardo Volpato (Bass), Fabio Speroni (Drums)
The Band released their first EP named “Geschlecht” on December 12, 2016. The EP was recorded at the Try Studio (Alessandro Tuvo).
In 2017 the band is mostly concerned with the promotion of their EP, by playing in numerous gigs alongside with some of the finest metal bands in Italy, in the meantime they build a strong friendship relationship with the band Genus Ordinis Dei.
They keep composing and in short time new songs with a more Death and modern metal vibe are ready to be played live.
In 2018 they start working on their first full lenght while playing live with important bands such as OST FRONT,EXTREMA,GENUS ORDINIS DEI , DEATHLESS LEGACY and CRIPPLE BASTARDS
The new album was recorded at Tommaso Monticelli’s Sonitus Studio and produced by Richard Meiz (Lacuna Coil/Genus Ordinis Deil) courtesy of Eclipse Records.

"New Load Continue" - 2019 BUY NOW!
"Geschlecht” (EP) - 2016