Mind / Knot


City: Rome, Italy
Chaotic Hardcore / Noise Punk

Line up:

Marco Burrascano (Voice)
Roberto Cadau (Guitar)
Yari Caramore (Bass, Second Voice)
Simone Perna (Drums)


Rome-based MIND/KNOT formed in 2018 and originally united Yari Caramore (bass), Simone Perna (drums) and Marco Burrascano (singer). In 2019 the band released a 7-track EP, while their first album “Eat the Leaf!” came out in 2021.

Both records were very clearly inspired by the original hardcore of the 80’s, drawing influences from legendary acts such as Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Circle Jerks.

After some time, the band started to get tired of the linearity of that original sound: moved by the desire to express something else besides anger and violence and willing to externalize the discomfort from which such emotions arise, the project therefore began to change musical direction, incorporating darker sounds and unsettling tempos and metrics.

This is also thanks to the then new guitarist Roberto Cadau, who joined the band in 2021 bringing in a new range of influences and several mathcore, chaotic hardcore and noise punk elements.

On their upcoming album, MIND/KNOT embrace all the beloved history of hardcore to create something that is more personal, equally pummeling and heavy as soaring, both beautiful and cruel in different moments.



2021 - Eat The Leaf

2023 - Esigenza


Mind / Knot online: