Brainsore "The Grip Of The Naked Mind" digital album


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Release Date: August 2, 2024.

“The Grip Of The Naked Mind” is a relentless mix of death metal, grindcore, hardcore punk and a few sludge moments.
Its strength lies whether in the dynamic and fluent songwriting, or in the stylistic variety and compactness.

Major influences on our sound have been bands like Brutal Truth, Pig Destroyer, Morbid Angel, Cephalic Carnage.

Lyrics consider hystorical and somehow weird topics, imaginary stories and distorted visions courtesy of our beloved planet earth.

BRAINSORE find themselves on the crossroad between grind, death metal, hardcore and general hysteria. With no compromises or no rules, the band push the boundaries for an intense and chaotic soundscape without losing their love for groove and subtle melodies.

Expertly wielding the fierce brutality and massive aggression of their genre, the Italians add intelligent songwriting, effective arrangements, and musical proficiency as well as unexpected elements to their sound.


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