Cryptic Hatred "Internal Torment" LP Black

Cryptic Hatred

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Release Date: 05.07.2024

Inarguably the band’s most diverse work to date, “Internal Torment” ventures far beyond the conventions of old school death metal, without surrendering an ounce of viciousness. Strong nuances of doom and creepy melodies can be heard throughout the record’s ten tracks concluding fittingly with a suffocating wall of sound that leaves its listeners bruised, battered, and shaken.

The album highlights the band’s surgical and intuitive take on death metal mechanics - yet also channels eerie atmospheres and dimensions through moments of tension and tranquility, coexisting in a fragile balance. Between riffs born of primal rage, to melodies seemingly from other worlds, “Internal Torment” is an album that delivers on all levels of darkness in uncanny and transcendental ways. Brace yourself for a journey through the unknown, rendered in haunting, mesmerisingly cryptic death metal!

  1. Death Is Upon You
  2. Breeding of Evil
  3. Chasm of Void
  4. Homicidal Intentions
  5. Mesmerized by the Malignant Gaze
  6. Tomb of Desecration
  7. Mauled To Flesh
  8. Beyond Hatred
  9. The Passage
  10. Internal Torment


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