Discharged "Vol.2" - A tribute to Discharge compilation Digital album


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Digital album

Tribute compilation curated by Alberto Penzin, once defined by Metal Hammer Italy as “il padre putativo del metal estremo italiano”. He considers Discharge - “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing” to be a crucial milestone in the evolution of many genres of intense “unmusical”music.

CONSUMER is a Sludge Death Metal band born in 2018 in Catania, Sicily, Italy. Heavy and riff-driven music, dizzy breakdowns and furious blastbeats, self-blaming and bad habits: that's all you need.

Camera Obscura Two [CO2] is a new extreme musical project conceived by Alberto Penzin [ex-Schizo] on 09/09/07 and ultimately brought to life on 10/10/10. A one-way pathway to spiritual elevation filtered through a lifetime worth of obsession with metallic transgression.

BUNKER 66 is an Evil Metal power trio formed in 2007 under the sign of the black mark.

MASS TURBO is a Thrash/Hardcore band started in 2011 by Giorgio (vocals), Carmelo (guitar), Andrea (bass guitar) and Nicola (drums). Their debut EP "The Wrestler" released in 2017 is a five-song blast full of rage, irony and shitty attitude, inspired by 80’s HC and American Crossover.

NEGATIVE PATH was started by a bunch of gritty record nerds in Palermo during 2017, with the only intent of taking back fast and noisy hardcore punk in town, for fans of Poison Idea, early DRI, Ripcord, Career Suicide, Government Warning. Until today NP has released one tape and one 7" EP, plus a fresh split-LP with Lickspit (CZ) is coming.

SEHNSUCHT is a Blackened Crust band born in 2021 in Catania with furious and tragic black metal intents, relentless d-beats and blast beats, a sepulchral voice that extols nihilism and lack of hope.


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