Doomraiser "Cold Grave Marble" mc black


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Release date: 02.10.2024

Cold Grave Marble, the 6th Doomraiser full doom length, is a frozen view in the darker side of life: Death, the Omega of our earthly dimension. The album is made up of raw riffing seasoned up in heavy, dark and gloomy dreaming atmospheres, and explores a plethora of styles with different sounds and solutions. The songwriting approach is rougher than before, experimental, suggestive, still preserving the classic Doomraiser characteristic sound.

The whole concept lies upon a personal portrayal of Death, the Infinite Void, the Great Absence, the greatest experience in matter of Chaos and disruption of reality. It’s a journey exploring the end of the biological cycle and man’s awareness of the ancient idea of “having to die”, an extreme but natural event belonging to the inevitability of time.

01. Dark Omens
02. Last Christmas I Gave You My Death
03. Once Upon The Fireflies
04. Profondo Nero/Life In Black
05. Cold Grave Marble (Winter Moon)
06. Without A Shadow
07. The Great Void (Bonus Track On Cd, Cassette And Digital Only)
08. Filthy Shades Of Death
09. Continuum Pt. 2&3 (Ultima Luce)
10. Buio


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