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NEW LOAD CONTINUE is a concept album set inside a video game.
The story is about a player (the protagonist) who, once the game has started, will be swallowed up by the game and find himself having to complete the questline of the game in first person. His task will be to break the curse that plagues the 5 great warriors of the game world who will accompany him throughout his journey. The curse brings the warriors in a constant state of inebriation, depriving them of their powers as well and rendering them unable to perform their duty, or defeat the evil demons and gods. It was thrown right from the last of these wicked gods when it was defeated and only the last of the gems imbued with the power of the blood moon could break it. The player will then have to travel the game world to find the gem, in a race against a prophecy that announces the rise of a new god.

NEW LOAD CONTINUE is Produced by Lacuna Coil’s Richard Meiz (also in Genus Ordinis Dei), for the courtesy of Eclipse Records.


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