Shockproof "More Brocken Chains" CD


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OLD SCHOOL THRASH in the vein of Motorhead, Testament, Anthrax!!!!
SHOCKPROOF is a bunch of three old friends who have decided to barricade themselves in their home studio and playing something completly different from their previous band ( Block of Flats, The dead Fly, Kotton F.u.c.k., The Overcome, The Ophelia’s Revenge).SHOCKPROOF is a power trio addicted to an old school thrash metal, with many modern influences; their music is like an odd mix of Anthrax and Motorhead. Operating since 2014 the band has published a self produced album in 2015 called FIGHTING BAD TIMES and the participation to many metal compilations like Metal Years vol.1 and Kissed by Kiss. The lyrics of the band dwells with the human condition and the continuous obstacles to challenge in the daylife of the contemporary world and human relations; it’s an incessant but positive rage that break outs at its best on the stage thanks to the natural attitude of SHOCKPROOF for the live shows.


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