Napoli Violenta "Neapolitan Power Violence" CD

Napoli Violenta

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“Neapolitan Power Violence” by Napoli Violenta is a tribute to 60s and 70s Italian crime movie known as “Poliziottesco”. Along with giallo and spaghetti western, poliziotteschi films were a prolific genre of popular and commercial filmmaking, not so appreciated by critics although they inspired thousands of directors and screenwriters. The record is a journey through raw and brutal hardcore\grind riffing, crime story based lyrics, (not so) popular quotes from Poliziottesco inspired cinema and ineffable “for fun” attitude.
Napoli Violenta intentionally wanted this record to be recorded in a raw and analog fashion with old style production to fully capture the live sound of the band. And it sounds like a car-bomb.


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