BangOut "Paradise '99" Digital album


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Digital album

"PARADISE ’99" is the second work of BangOut.

It came after about 6 years from the first album “ROTTEN ROLL” due to a period of hiatus of the band, which now comes with a new line up.

Collects 11 tracks and compared to the previous album which had a strong hard rock / glam soul, in "PARADISE '99" you can find, in addition to hard rock, metal influences as in "Animal", "The End Of All Stars" or "Survive The Fall", but also ranges in classic ballads such as "Something Special" and more experimental songs such as "Calling", where the electronic parts present in the album (created in collaboration with Formek) become even more dominant, or " Roots To Stone ”where Nash's voice is accompanied by the piano and an orchestra section.

All the songs, having been written after a long wait, were practically "vomited" and tell the mood and experience of the band members, more than ever in the singles "The Cage Inside" which is a journey into the maze of a fragile and perhaps too sensitive mind, or “Paradise '99” that tells the feelings experienced between excesses and abuse; certainly could not miss a song like "Stupid Bitch!" that described the conflicting relationship in the couple and that subtle hatred towards their exes with which everything went to hell.

"Long Live The Brave", an introspective journey in search of life's answers, is intertwined with "One Reason" which tells the harsh reality of the life of a soldier on a mission in search of the same answers, but in a different reality like that of war.

The album "PARADISE ’99" was recorded in 2022 at Forward Studios in Rome, at the "Lair Of Music Studio" in Guidonia and at Adam's Records Studio in Tivoli, mixing and mastering were performed at Forward Studios.

The album cover was done by Martin de Diego and the artwork by Mirko Zeppieri.


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