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Releases: 19/01/2024

No Solution is our first full length, 10 tracks injected with all the ferociousness we were capable of. Throughout the disk a weird balance is kept between our eternal boys’ lust for metal and our rock&roll old dogs’ musical sensitivity. Granting a product that’s anything but monotonous and predictable there’s also our belonging to different generations: Lucio is grown up in the ‘80s, Dario and Bob in the ‘90s and Nik in the 2000s.

In order to make it all even more sparkling we got involved a few old friends of ours with some featurings: there’s Fabione from Hobos, Mark from Eu’s Arse e Tytus (as well as former Methedrine), Domenico from Fulci/FYE and Samall Slander.

No Solution gets released six years apart from Built for Speed, the ep through which we introduced ourselves to the world. A few of the tunes on the new lp already existed then, like the footloose Upset with the World, the punk song on the record, or the slayerish Cruel and Short. Many things happened since, and the tracks on the lp stand as witness of them: the world all around seem to have become darker, and so the lyrics have gotten straighter and more intense, the music gloomier and, if possible, even edgier.

This record tells about our growth as musicians and as a band, it tells about rising from the ashes of a drastic change in the line-up, and about the gained confidence: the confidence to range freely among any musical genre we like.

D-beat, thrash and punk keep beeng the common thread of our music, but now there are blackened splashes (A Massgrave for my Dreams), Cannibal (Sugar Pie) and Obituary (Matapuercos) influences…

In between the first ep and nowadays there has been the lockdown, slamming our face against climate change, the Society of the Spectacle getting more and more cynical and an economic system which shamelessly crushes and grinds human beings. No Solutions talks about how one feels in the midst of all this, and it talks heart in hand.

No solution is a record which celebrates the dignity of despair, for it’s only by letting go even hope, that one can truly be free.


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