Sepolcral "Scourge" CD


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Scourge is the new album from Sepocral and it perfectly manifests their intentions: to hit the listener in the fastest and most direct way possible.
The album has 11 tracks plus an outro that violently and directly exudes the musical influences of all the members, ranging from death grind to black to thrash with an hc sound.
The creation of the album has been very complex due to continuous line up changes but, once they reached the actual one, compositions came easily out and were written with the will of being satysfying even on live performances... they go straight to the point with a tight and never predictable riffing.
Lyrics deal with different subjects, always presented from an obscure and internal point of view, from splatter gore scenarios with a fetish taste, to the angry outburst of a moment of discomfort, to the most varied religious references.
Sometimes they're more direct while others are open to many interpretations. Hard work was dedicated to the arrangement of the vocals masterfully interpreted by Daniele, guided by the imagination and experience of Jei Doublerice.
In Scourge the music runs fast thanks to the short timing of tracks and the frenezy in their execution. It is easy to listen several times to understand every detail,
like Aleksandar's countless pattern changes on a single riff in Post Traumatic Martyr or the great double kick work in Svartur Skit. Fantasy in writing the parts gives dynamism to the entire album.
Listeners can perceive Cristian's characteristic style in the heaviness of each pick in Suicider, which is perceived the same on record as in live performances. White Venom Temple is edgy. Songwriting, mostly made by Cristian, wants to exalt the listener and entertain the performer.
Kevin's bass does exactly what is needed: it supports the riffing by emerging in some distinctive slap parts, like in Svartur Skit or Miserable Choice. In these songs you  can hear fingers strike strings like hammers, showing their low interest for executive sweetness.


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