Shiningstar "Destiny" CD


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Destiny” is the debut work of the band SHININGSTAR and the beginning of its long creative journey. The literal meaning of the title is that fate intervened in the lives of musicians and directed them towards the shining star. From a lyrical point of view, the album turned out to be partly conceptual and tells about the northern vastnesses and its owner (North Queen). The only exception is the song Night Witches, which is dedicated to the heroic Soviet female pilots. Musically, it's a thundering mix of symphonic metal, industrial, death metal and deathcore. Bands such as Nightwish, Rammstein, Black Tongue, Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir had a great influence on the album. This work will not leave you indifferent. Firstly, it will envelop you with a veil of orchestral arrangements and beautiful melodic passages and harmonies. Secondly, it will crush you with a press of heavy riffs and extreme vocal.


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