Shockproof "The Will The Reason and The Wire" MC REMASTERED


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Remastered edition.

MC white tape

It contains the unreleased track "FLAG OF CHAOS"

THE WILL THE REASON AND THE WIRE is the third album by ShockProof, power trio based in Rome.
It is a look at the intimate sphere and at the reality that surrounds us: vices and virtues of today's society, mystification of what is right and what is wrong, life experiences, dramatic and happy.
9 tracks that find representation in the cover illustrated by Matteo Vattani (Sergio Bonelli, Disney, Netflix): a paw that with fury plunges into the water, the paw of a cerberus (reference to the three-headed monster already present in the second album MORE BROKEN CHAINS, and symbol of the power trio), from which lava comes out. The record is dedicated to Matteo Fontana, Tiziano Andreozzi who left us too soon and Giuseppe Girolamo, who lost his life, like so many other human beings at sea just trying to do the right thing.


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