Sulphur and Mercury "Alchemia Prophetica" cd jewel case

Sulphur and Mercury

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The band is embodied by Jason Netherton (Misery Index, Asphalt Graves, ex Dying Fetus) on vocals, Francesco Conte (Spiritual Front, Nero Omega, ex Klimt 1918) on guitar, Marco Mastrobuono (Hour Of Penance, Inno, Buffalo Grillz) on bass and Dario Casabona (Griefbringer, ex Schizo, Sinoath) on drums.

Born in the Cerverteri Necropolis under the blood moon of the Italian summer solstice, SULPHUR AND MERCURY forge haunted dirges of occultic heavy metal from the fires of its glorious past. Elements of Frostian apocalyptic doom are summoned and collide with the melodic instincts of the NWOBHM, manifesting caustic anthems to the arcane arts. The group came together in 2021, when guitarist Francesco Conte and vocalist Jason Netherton bonded over their shared affinity for the darker incantations of 1980s heavy metal, along the lines of Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, Satan and Sabbat (UK).

The pair were later joined by drummer Dario Casabona and bassist Marco Mastrobuono, after which they commenced to songwriting and then recording in 2022. Like soothsayers channelling the spirit of ‘87 (a year pivotal for both Conte and Netherton in their metal edification), the band explicitly invoke the ghosts of metal’s past, in order to hammer it into a distinctly modern vision.

The outcome is the 6 track EP "Alchemia Prophetica". Featuring 4 original songs and a cover of Satan's demo-era anthem "Heads Will Roll", the EP stands as an ode to the glory of heavy metal’s yesteryear in the form of haunting anthems to the unknown and otherworldly.


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