Fulci / Talpah - Cyberflesh | Ultra-exclusive long box CD + comic book

Time To Kill Records

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Time To Kill Records together with the publishing house Hollow Press, specialized in publications "Dark Weird Fantasy" join forces to give birth to a collaboration for the release of the cyber game "Cyberflesh" where extreme music, horror comics and "dark Weird" experience merge.

Created by Simone Alberto Grifone (game designer), David Genchi (drawings) and Marco Taddei (texts), and published by Hollow Press with soundtrack of the masters of Italian death Fulci and the hypnotic sounds of Talpah.

This collaboration was born as a soundtrack for "Cyber Flesh", a comic that mixes elements of cyberpunk, science fiction and horror. Through the music of Talpah and the Fulci, the comic comes to life in a symphony of distorted sounds and horror visions, taking the listener on a sensory journey through the dark depths of the human mind and beyond.

Fulci says:

"When TTK and Hollow Press asked the Fulci to collaborate on creating a soundtrack for the game "Cyberflesh," we immediately accepted. "Cyberflesh" is a very splatter and violent comic. Moreover, the project had many similarities with the historic collaboration between Games Workshop, Earache, and Bolt Thrower for the release of the album "Realm of Chaos" in 1989.

The title "Cyberflesh" inspired us to create a soundtrack capable of
blending human sounds (instrumentals) with cyber sounds (electronic). To
compose the two tracks, we involved our friend and artist Talpah, whose sound
design managed to amplify both the sonic violence and the eerie atmospheric
parts of the tracks.

Even the choice of audio media was not random. We chose to 
release the tracks on super limited floppy disks and CDs with graphics similar to CD-ROMs. These media, along with a dedicated comic book illustrated by Genchi, will be included in an ultra-exclusive long box. Thanks to Time To Kill and Hollow Press for making all of this possible".


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