Exitium "Imperitous March For Abysmal Glory" Digital album


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Release date 12 May 2023

"Imperitous March For Abysmal Glory" sees the mysterious Italian band unleashing tense intense and unfaltering tracks of their black-laced death metal which promise to pummel the listener into submission. The band’s sound displays a great sense of urgency and is constantly revived with extra layers of ominous soundscapes ingeniously suggesting an atmosphere of suspence and horror.
EXITIUM's sound embodies the perfect combination of face-melting aggression and electrifying atmosphere, with song structures remaining unpredictable and yet strangely coherent.
With its ambitious lyrical concept about an obscure civilization located under the earth's crust and malicious external entities, the album is propelling EXITIUM to the forefront of the current black-death metal movement with an original and brilliant artistic overhaul.


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