SARS - Nothing Hurts Quite Like Life - Digital Album

Time To Kill Records

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Release Date: July 12th, 2024.

“Nothing Hurts Quite Like Life” consists of 10 punishing tracks with a total run time of 36 minutes. The band look at hardcore through "a death/thrash metal kid's" lens, so attention is paid to songwriting and arrangements too without forgetting the chugs. With three of the members as backing vocalists (Timo, Sami & Juuso) joining in, the band is able to lift Antti's screams to a new level. Also drawing from a wide variety of music beyond the hardcore umbrella, SARS aim to keep tracks interesting all the time and are not afraid to introduce some melodies or even some atmospheric elements into the music.


1. So Cold
2. Stench of Profit
3. Nothing Hurts Quite Like Life
4. Away From My Mind
5. Solstice
6. Blightbearer
7. Bitter soil
8. Not for the Violence
9. It Still Hurts
10. Gray


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